Photographers Who Inspire Me by Tyler Magnier

Fan Ho

He was an award-winning photographer from Shanghai. His work mostly consisted of magical street scenes. 

Joel Sartore

An award-winning photographer and conservationist and contributes to National Geographic regularly. 

Ami Vitale

She is a National Geographic photographer as well as a Nikon Ambassador. Many of her photographs tell the stories about wildlife and the environment. 

Steve McCurry 

He is a member of Magnum Photos and is a veteran National Geographic photographer. 

Lara Jade

She is a fashion photographer based in New York City. 

Elaine Li

A very talented art director and photographer based in Hong Kong. 

Zachary Bako 

He is an Award-winning Fashion/Documentary photographer based in Los Angeles. 

Peter Stewart 

He fine art travel photographer who has his own unique editing style. 

Drew Hopper

He is a travel, documentary, and editorial photographer. 

Paper Boyo

Paper Boyo has his own unique photography style where he combines images with paper cutouts. 

Surreal HK

Another interesting photographer, who makes whimsical photographs of Hong Kong. 

Russell James

He is a well-known fashion photographer. 

Shooting With A Pentax 6x7 by Tyler Magnier

It has been a while since I last shot in film. I think the last time I shot with film was during my early high school years. 

These images were shot on a Pentax 6x7 with Kodak 120mm B&W Tri-X 400 film & Kodak Portra 400. 

For my process, I scanned the negatives, did a few edits right in the scanner's pop-up window, and then finished the rest of the edits in Photoshop (Greyscale, Brightness & Contrast, Spot Healing Tool). 

Subways of the World by Tyler Magnier

This is a series showcasing the different designs of subway stops in various cities. 

Beijing's Disappearing Hutongs by Tyler Magnier

As the modern, tall, and shiny buildings of modern Beijing keep multiplying, the traditional Chinese alleyways are disappearing. This is a short series showing what is still left of these Hutongs.